Project Information

Game: AGR: The Fastest Drifter

Genre: Anti-Grav Racing Game

Team Size: 15

Platform: PS4

Status: Proof of Concept delivered


AGR is an anti-grav racing game for 2-4 players on the PS4

Race with/against your friends against the clock and be the fastest drifter.

Ride in the world of surrealism and get exposed to heart beating moments!


  • This project focused on the development of a custom game engine, rather than the creation of an unique game product



  • Prototype a game concept in a small feature group.
  • Researching what defines a good feeling racing game. (Game Metrics)
  • Design and realize a track layout with interesting gameplay moments.
  • Keep track of scope and critically discuss design ideas.
  • Whiteboxing, with use of Maya & Houdini
  • Fixing, level related bugs with programmers



  • Creating a game & level, on tech that was in the middle of its development.
  • Working with the limitations of a new custom engine.
  • The team got awarded 2nd place for its level/track design challenges, by the lecturers.



  • Part of the process in developing a custom racing engine for the PS4
  • Due to correct project managment, minimized risk of overscoping the project.
  • Quote: "David Wessman (Design Lecturer, Ex-employee @ LucasArts)

"Extremely good evidence of Trinh's improved ability to identify the relevant game metrics necessary for tuning and balancing specific aspects of the game, and describe how the data is to measured and analyzed. He did solid research on racing games to help guide his efforts, and this provided him with assurance that his basic track design would perform as needed - before it was even playtested!"


A bit more information about my work

With "Goran de Ruiter", I was one of of the two level designers on the project. Our tasks as level/track designers was to facilitate the custom engine and Houdini tool teams. Requesting features and tools to make our work as track designers easier. Allowing us to create a level in a short amount of time.


We started of concepting and prototyping different gameplay elements.


Racing game research & Track Metrics

One of my tasks was to research other racing games, understanding the aspects of what makes a racing game feel like a racing game.

Track metrics was also an important topic to research as later, during the whiteboxing phase, proved to be invaluable.


Whiteboxing / Creating the track

Our level editor was Maya, we created our track inside of Maya with help of a few Houdini tools, created by our dedicated Houdini artist "Feike Postmes". His tools would make our lives as track designer a lot easier. We would be able to draw and manipulate a curve and hit the bake button to create the track.

Because of our extensive research in track metrics, our created levels would be playable right out of the box.


Early Gameplay

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