My name is Trinh

And I specialize in Level design for games.

I have been designing levels for a while, close to 4 years. I can confidently say that it really is my passion. My biggest joy in level design is when I can see players having fun. Creating compelling experiences that will last a life-time is what I strive for. I don't like working alone. To me, you always need more heads to make something exceptional. Even when I am doing a solo project, I make sure to get input from all angles. My main expertise is level design. But I am no stranger to scripting events, modeling, composition & lighting. These additional skills I picked up during my journey as I genuinely believe that everything is intertwined with level design. Mastering parts of these topics allows me to make informed level design decisions, maximizing the player experience. Traits to describe myself would be: friendly, genuine, motivated, open minded, collaborative, hard working & empowering.

Currently Level Designer at Ubisoft Annecy, Since Q1 2019


Game & Level design

Multiplayer & Singleplayer
Tutorial & Onboarding
End game Content

Level design pipeline
Prototype and Scripting
C# + Blueprinting


UE4 - Unity - Anvil
Illustrator - Photoshop - Premiere Pro
Blender - Zbrush - Substance Designer
Worldmachine - Gaea - World Creator
Jira - Confluence - Shotgun
Perforce - Github

Soft Skills

Positive Mindset
Scholar Approach
Project Management

Dutch (Native)
English (Professional Proficiency)