As a designer, I enjoy sharing my findings and knowledge with others. I am committed to stay active and be on top of the game. Learning about new topics, workflows to speed up my work and broaden my knowledge.

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With use of photogrammetry we can not only capture the world around us but also use it to capture digital worlds. Through this, we can scan the digital worlds and use the data to research th...

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You sketched out a 2D layout that you like but you aren't sure how to translate this into a 3D blockout. The past few years I have done research on several workflows that focuses on rapid prototyp...

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Over the past few years, I have used many methods to create top down layouts for my levels. I stumbled upon the DnD map making tool "Inkarnate" and thought it was an interesting way to p...

Reading time | 10 minutes

This article will go over my personal workflow for creating a terrain. We will go over the quickest methods to create a playable terrain for your game world and talk indepth about the things you sho...

Reading time | 25 minutes

The past few months I have been doing research in the level flow and environment design in games like Uncharted 4 and The Last of Us, to learn more about the way how they guide their players thr...

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This blog post will be about my journey to become a level designer. It will go a bit personal, how I got interested in game development, what my parents thought of my career choice and the rou...

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