Project Information

Game: Mission: The Shogunate's Secret

Topic: Open World Adventure

Genre: 3rd Person Adventure/Stealth Game

Team Size: 1

Platform: PC

Status: Challenge Completed




An ArtStation Level/Environment Art Challenge. Where my focus would be on composition, lighting and modeling bigger shapes. This challenge would give me a chance to teach myself a strong knowledge on the art fundamentals that would be helpful to know  for level design.



[Disclaimer: I am a level designer first and an artist second. The art I made for this challenge would help me to understand the general art fundamentals. Understanding this would speed up my own workflow & allow me to make informed level design decisions.]

  • Environment design, modeling, composition & lighting, scripting event, scripting & setting up the character Root-motion controller.

During this challenge I had the opportunity to improve my modeling skills, allowing me to speed up my whiteboxing in a 3D-application. While creating this environment I made a planning that would give me a good estimation of what I would need for the environment and the priority of creating those assets. The assets that would take up the most screen space should be created first. In my case those assets were rocks & vegetation. I was surprised how I could fill up the scene with just the vegetation, taking around 60% of the main shot.

  • I added the Rootmotion character controller that I made from a different project & re-targeted the animation to the new character that I received from a character artist friend of mine. Giving me a fully functional character with options to crouch, vault and climb. Allowing me to create gameplay with use of only movement. The crouching functionality and the high grass I made, created the dynamic called "Stealth". While vaulting and climbing would allow the player to interact with vertical elements in the scene.



  • Learned how to create organic assets, used to fill around the scene (Speedtree & WolrdMachine)
  • Learned how to create levels while taking into account a modular workflow..
  • Improve my modeling skills, allowing me to whitebox levels faster.
  • Improve my knowledge about composition & lighting, assisting me with creating another form of flow in level design.


A bit more detail about my work


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