Project Information

Topic: Organic World Building

Genre: Open World Adventure

Team Size: 1

Platform: PC


Artstation Link:


A worldbuilding challenge after my latest project "The Survivors". The project focuses on applying my terrain creation and worldbuiling knowledge and create a cool environment in a short amount of time with assets borrowed from Epic Games.



I used WorldMachine and UE4 to create the environment. Playing around with composition and lighting allowed me to create cool looking areas where I tried to guide the players eye through the scene as it was a painting, where my level was the 3d canvas.


In the pictures below you can see that I played around with contrast in colors, height & space to guide the eye of the viewer. The focal point is the player and the hill in the foreground (especially the river). The river serves an important role as it guides the eyes in a S-curve like manner to the background mountains. Like a highway it can guide the players eyes back and forth between these two areas. The foreground is busy with elements while the background begs to be explored.


You can see more of my terrain creations on Artstation:



  • Able to express my knowledge in open world level design
  • Create environments that guide the player through different kind of aspects.





A bit more detail about my work


ARTSTATION - WorldMachine Examples

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