Games I contributed on during my level design career
April 2019 - April 2021

Jump into the Riders Republic Massive Multiplayer Playgrounds! Ski, snowboard, bike or wingsuit across an open world sports paradise, race in mass start events, develop you rider's career or kick back with friends and free roam the parks!

Role: Level Designer
Developer: Ubisoft Annecy
Engine: TBA

September 2017 - September 2018

The Survivors is a FPS Battle Royale where 100 players fight for a claim in the gold rush.

Role: Level Designer (Stand-in Lead Level Designer)
Developer: NHTV Breda / Autotelic Design (Client)
Engine: UE4

January 2019 - 48h Game Jam

Tomb Heist is a 4 player party game about raiding the pharaohs tomb. Compete against other players for the treasures, push them, steal their loot and bring it back to your van. Who can collect the most?!

Role: Game / Level Designer & Level Artist
Developer: Team Waffle Stand (GGJ 2019)
Engine: UE4

April 2017 - July 2017

AGR is an ANTI-GRAV racing game for 2-4 players on the PS4. Race with/against your friends against the clock and be the fastest drifter. Ride in the world of surrealism and get exposed to heart beating moments!

Role: Technical Level Designer
Developer: NHTV Breda
Engine: PS4 Custom Engine

January 2017 - April 2017

"Change of Seasons" is a first person exploration/puzzle game. It revolves around changing the season by a press of a button! Click the button and see the environment change around you!

Role: Technical Level Designer
Developer: NHTV Breda
Engine: UE4

September 2016 - December 2016

DM Balbadd is a small death match map for Unreal Tournament 4, supported for 5-6 players. You play in an abandoned fort with Persian architectural accents. Be like a ninja, jump from spot to spot with use of jump pads and elevators.

Role: Level Designer
Developer: Solo Project
Engine: UE4